Jesus, Lord Of Life

Persevere, pilgrims. Lord, over and over you make me able

Treasures Of Secret Places

I’m looking deep into some things the word of God teaches our hearts about our responsibility as children who worship Jesus. Building faith houses. This is a song that God put on my heart years ago that has really spoken deeply to me.

Lord of life and King of glory,

Who didst deign a child to be,

Cradled on a mother’s bosom,

Throned upon a mother’s knee:

For the children Thou hast given

We must answer unto Thee.

Grant us then pure hearts and patient,

That in all we do or say

Little souls our deeds may copy,

And be never led astray;

Little feet our steps may follow

In a safe and narrow way.

When our growing sons and daughters

Look on life with eager eyes,

Grant us then a deeper insight

And new pow’rs of sacrifice:

Hope to trust them, faith to guide them,

Love that nothing good…

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Joy! Joy! Joy!

I take great delight in my wonderful times in prayer and I love to share the thoughts that come in these meditations. Lately I’m spending some time thinking about the joy of the Lord. I know that many of us are in times of seeking the will of God for right alignments and I feel that the wisdom of God pertaining to his joy is very enriching.

In his word we’re taught to redeem times and I’ve seen that our time is well spent when we take time to turn our attention to knowing him. It’s in the adventure of getting to know him that we discover who we are. We’re the needy, he’s the wisdom and power. “Teach me, Lord I want to deal wisely with my issues.“

We ought to realize that although some say that joy is not possible in troubling times the word of God does not support that. Jesus said our joy would be full when we live close to Him. Remember that we learn the teachings of scripture that the heart of the man is always the issue. So, I’m talking about the condition of our hearts. Our lives need to be aligned with the scriptures.

God said there is great gain to be found when we are passionate to discover how to live in godliness, with contentment. The question to be answered is “Are we really content and satisfied in our faith walk or do we need some adjustments?” I think we always need to rise up into a new day perception and Father God is very willing to assist us as we do that. Our times of self exam often result in him showing us that we’re doing better and we’re a lot stronger than we thought we were. We come out of prayer times more joyful and confident than ever. Oh my friend, what a savior he is! The struggle ceases when we give it all back to God. We can rest in his redeeming and restoring wonders.

A deep joy and gladness of heart is one of the core promises of salvation. Mention is made in several places of how Jesus was filled with joy. The point I want to make is that His only source of joy was the loving heart of his Father and his pleasure in doing his will. We can be certain that Father God is the father of all fatherly love. and my heart believes that even a worldly father delights in an obedient, happy child. How much more our heavenly Father?

The word calls the joy of the Lord our strength. I believe that means it’s joy just simply because of the Lord; because He is ever present here with us. Rather than joy for the way our circumstances are going. I believe it speaks of the joy of our salvation that nothing can disturb. It’s a calm delight that keeps us and enables us to see and to apply the eternal perspectives of God. A joy that’s present above all of earth’s mournings and strife. We ought to remember that we have great and precious promises about joy and peace. Think about the the word which says that the rivers and streams of God make the hearts of his people glad. We even learn from scripture that joy unspeakable and full of glory is a reality to apprehend. So those who live in his real joy can pour out a measure of gladness to others. Again, the word says that he has no greater pleasure than that his children walk in truth, and deep joy and gladness of heart is a reward for that walk. Scripture makes it clear that we will have persecutions and enemies to deal with; but remember that we’re promised exceeding gladness when we become skilled at that. Sure, storms come that make it necessary to lay low and trust when we would rather not see hard days. But because we remain alert to God we are prepared ahead. There truly are times to mourn but we can put on the oil of joy to recover from the mournings.

We have to know that He knows the way to the right way. Over time, with consistent practice, we learn to obey and endure. And then we laugh with our God at the triumphs, because it is true that He fills our mouth with laughter and our lips with shouts of joy. We become stronger in the faith and positioned where we belong. And we can continue to trust Holy Spirit to help us to yield and upgrade when the time comes. He alone is our strong deliverer. Paul said once “He has delivered, He is delivering, and He will continue to deliver!”

God will lead us though times of shifting and stretchings in which we will search deeper for redeeming truths. Through the good life in us by Christ Jesus we grow into wisdom and faith to speak life to dry or dead places in our experience. Remember that Jesus said “Be of good cheer, for I have already overcome the world.” The worries that belong to the world are not ours to be disturbed about. God is very good at watchinh over all that, it’s his world. We might go into our prayer closets weeping and asking his help with wickedness and troublings but if we pray in obedience we come out refreshed. We trade our sorrows for his joy and peace.

And all of the glory belongs to our Jesus! I hope and pray that the joy of your salvation is keeping you strong in him and in the power of his might! Thus far grace has been really amazing, and I know there’s so much more beyond.

I know we could go on and on about all the word teaches us about the pleasantness and peace of a laid down life in Christ. But maybe you can pray into more of that revelation personally.

Deuteronomy 3:24 Oh Lord, you have only just begun to show your greatness to your servant, your wonders by your mighty hand. .

Psalms 105:43 And he brought forth his people with gladness, his chosen ones with joy and singing.

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