Fear Doesn’t Live In Faith

Reminder. God cares and watches over us as we look to him

Treasures Of Secret Places

Asking myself, how does a consecrated believer keep his heart from being troubled when evil shows itself so strong as it did in this tragedy in Uvalde this week? Even the strongest soul has to dig in deep to deal with it. These are among other horrible events we will have to process before the Lord. Weepings come. Our hearts hurt with the hurting and we pray “Lord, I ask wisdom”

We need to consider this, our instruction from God says “Fear not!” It pleases the heart of God when we learn to cast our cares on him. He is able to use the dark events as an opportunity to build prosperous spiritual fruits within.

We have to practice faith and wisdom to manage our emotions. Because we live our lives in God’s strengths by obedience to his voice. We’re tuned into the God channel. In Christ we have power…

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Jesus, Lord Of Life

Persevere, pilgrims. Lord, over and over you make me able

Treasures Of Secret Places

I’m looking deep into some things the word of God teaches our hearts about our responsibility as children who worship Jesus. Building faith houses. This is a song that God put on my heart years ago that has really spoken deeply to me.

Lord of life and King of glory,

Who didst deign a child to be,

Cradled on a mother’s bosom,

Throned upon a mother’s knee:

For the children Thou hast given

We must answer unto Thee.

Grant us then pure hearts and patient,

That in all we do or say

Little souls our deeds may copy,

And be never led astray;

Little feet our steps may follow

In a safe and narrow way.

When our growing sons and daughters

Look on life with eager eyes,

Grant us then a deeper insight

And new pow’rs of sacrifice:

Hope to trust them, faith to guide them,

Love that nothing good…

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