Wisdom Is What I Need

Praying through. Seeking wisdom for a right balance

The fear of death. The sting of death. The realities of senseless death. Small coffins, decorated to celebrate the life delights of the children being buried. How terrible sad. I prayed “God, manage the way this makes me feel”

We can’t run from the pain of seeing the pictures of the realities families are suffering through. We’re people who need to know how to make our pain count for some good. We see the need for deeper heart wells. I heard God say “Care deeply” Jesus wept when he saw a mother weeping over a son’s coffin. He said “Weep not” Then he raised the child from the dead. We can’t all do that but we can care deeply and ask God what we can do.

Sad also to think of empty chairs at family gatherings, death was quick and unexpected. Self inflicted. The pain and trauma is intensified especially when death was from violence. A family left grieving and crying out to God for answers and healing. Friends gathering together with compassion to pray for them

I thought on “Oh death, where is thy sting?” I saw that we can’t quote that scripture lightly, we need to press in to God and see what he is saying over every situation. I feel that scripture fits believers who are assured of heaven after death. Jesus conquered death for kingdom people. Speaking from personal life experience in death valleys. I sorrowed and grieved from the loss of loved ones. But soon I did see proof that the sting of death had no power to turn me aside from my life purpose in God. My joy in the Lord was faithful. Grace really was abounding. We are not without the comforts of the Lord. As children of the King we have a great grace comfort covering when loved ones go home to be with the Lord.

Yet, we do walk through valleys where death must be dealt with. However, Psalm 23 says that we fear no evil there. The good shepherd is our comforter and guardian when we pass through the Valley of death.

We have a faith storehouse. To set ourselves aside, slow down and reach into his comforts . So that comforts can flow out to others in need. Times when death is a terrible sting; tragic loss and trauma times. It’s to learn how he instructs us, we seek his word in dealing with all that concerns us. I truly believe we grow more surely into the image of Jesus as we pass through these deep valleys and allow Father God to adjust and calibrate us.

Always I remember that God wants us to grow through what we go through. We build testimony in such times

For quite some time I’ve been learning in to seek the wisdom of God for a good understanding and right measure of balance. What is balance” It’s simply when the load we carry is evenly distributed.

Toure Roberts book “Balance”

“Balance will bring you to prosperous places where you are in sync with the mind of God right where you are and demonstrating the best version of yourself in any given moment. A version of you that, among many other things, replaces anxiety with peace, dysfunction with progress, and stagnation with unlimited creativity.”

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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