Fear Doesn’t Live In Faith

Asking myself, how does a consecrated believer keep his heart from being troubled when evil shows itself so strong as it did in this tragedy in Uvalde recently? This was and is among other horrible events we will have to process before the Lord. Even the strongest soul has to dig in deep to deal with it.

In deep communion with our indwelling Lord we will learn. It’s just as the word of God says it would be. We live in a fallen world and darkness is all around us.

Weepings will come. Our hearts hurt with the hurting and we pray “Lord, help! I ask wisdom”

We need to consider this, our instructions from our God are consistent. “Fear not!”

It pleases the heart of God when we learn to cast all our cares on him. He is able to use the dark events as an opportunity to build prosperous spiritual fruits within; in the measure that we are willing.

We can dive in deeper to the river of God. We can learn to practice faith and wisdom to manage our emotions. Because truth is that we live our lives in God’s strengths by obedience to his voice. When we’re tuned into the God channel in Christ we have power over fear and discouragement. And we have power to renounce any connection to fear based thoughts. Ours or theirs. There we come to the place of being strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. We are wise to know that we are the weak and in humility we place all of outr trust in his strong love and power. We have to let our weakness say “Now, I am strong, because of what the Lord has done!”

Yield to Holy Spirit. God of all hope and comfort. By the blood covenant we have access to his triumphant path of life. The promises of God ensure the best for Jesus people in the worst of times for the world. For sincere seekers His graces are all sufficient. Be baptized in his loving strengths. Rise up in his life and courage. Don’t follow the fear of the crowd but pray deep with compassion. Tune your mind to the instructions of the word of God. Refuse the temptation to get entangled in the cares of the natural life. Fall deeper in love with Jesus. We set our minds on eternal things.

Focus on the amazingness of his grace. It sustains. It guards. It calls us to deep places. It comforts our troubled hearts and redirects our mind’s attentions. It comes to maintain our place of quiet resolve in learning to trust all to Jesus. Be faithful to him who died for you. He builds our faith houses. He wakes us to new realities of our desperate need of the more and more of heaven’s treasure. He is ever present in our today to prepare us for many unknown tomorrows.

Holy Spirit is our Wonderful Counselor and Comforter. I hope to share with you the comforts he has shared with me.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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