Growing In Grace. By Grace, Through Faith

‎It seems that everywhere I go I see this encouraging reminder, “Sing like no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching, and love like you’ve never been hurt”

I think that’s a wonderful word and seek to learn to live there always. I do have some thoughts to share, lessons I’m learning as I go. ‎

The kingdom of Christ is all about right relationships which are established through humble soul searches. First with our Father who deserves first place and first place only. It’s about recognizing the worth of the kingdom of Christ and learning how to seek it first. It’s about cultivating hearing ears, with hearts open to change and willing to pay the price. It’s about being emptied of self so that we can be filled with the sincere love of God for all we are in relationship with. Mercy and grace rain down on us as we set our hearts on these eternal things.

But while we’re learning to love and walk in heavenly relationships with others we will go through some trying times. We must learn how to walk in the triumph of the finished work of the cross. Jesus died to make that possible. We have Holy Spirit now as our present moment instructor. We will struggle through some challenges but as he teaches and guides we will persevere. Even eventually learn to laugh and dance our way through these times.

We have to overcome ourselves. Our nature is imperfect, our emotions are tender, and we might even have stubborn desires that we find it hard to let go of. Even as we labor with Christ we will see these things surface. We get our feelings hurt and we get offended, because human beings don’t think alike and conflicts and misunderstandings arise because we’re different. We’re all prone to see things in our own way. The danger is that we will get stuck in the hurt and in offense we open a door to the the enemy to come in and hinder, pervert or steal our song and our dance. Unforgiveness is a poison.

I want to share that it does not have to be that way. Because we have Jesus within, we are given spiritual gifts by the Father which we can use to learn and rise up above being offended.

‎The truth is that Jesus is the dance. He is the loving counsel we’re seeking to follow. The wisdom of men is a snare. Our intimacy with the indwelling Spirit is our great reward. It’s the rhythm of His dance that keeps our hearts happy. We will only be fully satisfied when we have satisfied Him. Jesus will never follow our lead. He will love us in mercy but our messy dance will not bring us reward nor give Him glory. His purpose is to teach us that the dance rhythm is learned in times of yielding to his processes. Long sufferings, courage in patient waiting. Enduring the trials and temptations as the saints are taught. Jesus said “Be exceedingly glad because you are permitted to suffer for the sake of my name”

The dance of the Lord is a beautiful and wonderful dance. A dance of love that flows smoothly and invites all who watch to find what we have found! It is a purposeful demonstration of purity of joy and sweet communion.‎

How can we apprehend the right way to his eternal rhythm? It lives within us. It will walk with us and talk with us if we will pause and listen. We have a cleansing fountain of blood and the living waters of the word of God. We have a counselor. We have a mediator. We have anointed vessels in the body of Christ to respect and seek to learn from. We have people who are servants of God who offer ideas and words of wisdom. We have the privilege of listening to and hearing the Father’s voice through five fold ministry and those who serve them faithfully. But we are without power until we learn how to listen and learn with a pliable spirit and heart.

‎I’m convinced that one of the worst mistakes we can make as believers is to take the word of God lightly so that we refuse instruction. Always we are to remain accountable to instruction and yield ourselves to the changes God calls us to

The point I’m trying to make is that we do have the power to hinder our own song and dance. We are taught that we are “Given power to become” sons and daughters.

John 1:12

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name..

It’s our place to practice believing that He is who He says He is and to apprehend the power given. By our activated obedience to his faith building process grace will come to walk it out. Created into the image of Christ. Demonstration. The parable of the sower shows a 30-60-100fold reward.

There will be fiery trials but He is able to lead us through and out of them. If we remain submissive, open and pliable to instruction, we can sing in the Sonshine and laugh and dance everyday! Our longsuffering in joyfulness will carry us through our difficult trials and fiery challenges.

The heart becomes a hideaway for truth and mercy. In the hidden man of the heart God deposits living waters. The reservoir of heavenly light springs up, like a well, and the words of a man’s mouth become anointed. A babbling brook. Refreshings. Cool, clear waters for the dry and thirsty traveler.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

2 thoughts on “Growing In Grace. By Grace, Through Faith”

    1. What a sweet surprise, Poppa. You are always a blessing to me, but for all your love and encouragement I might never have lasted. It’s so amazing to be a part of what God is doing! I love you.


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