Seekers Of Serenity


The Serenity Prayer is one I had read and known of all of my life, but had not really understood the concept and the depth of it. In my early years I had no spiritual understanding, but as I’ve matured in the Lord I’ve learned.

I’ve found this prayer to be a strong life changer Through our sincere desire for new and deep change it is very effective.

We, the people of God, are shifting into new times and need right alignment with kingdom truths.

In a time of paradigm shifting into higher responsibility hearts and circumstances need  changing in deep and dramatic ways.  We are naturally born human beings who are influenced and even ruled by fear.   We have to overcome this and learn how to be ruled by the peace of the Spirit.  I’ve seen and now I’m sharing with you how  powerful prayer will get us into a spiritual position that will help us to apprehend changes.

I was one who  had to come up through some very dark valleys. By the mercies and the strength of the call of God I found a new strength to be victorious.  I learned as I listened to the words of the Holy Spirit working in and for me.  Over time I was taught by the Lord how to live a lifestyle of prayer.

In depth, the Serenity Prayer is a prayer of humility. God responds to respect and contrition.

If we have our trust set in getting acquainted with our God he is able to make our heart willing  to submit to doing whatever is required to grow into a new grace. 

It’s a confession that we don’t know, but we trust him. It’s honest in confessing we have fear but we ask for courage by wisdom and grace to deal with what must be dealt with. Not our way or the ways of any man, but His way, with a more abounding love and peace concerning all we deal with.

In the true and reverent fear of the Lord we will experience the ever increasing joy of the Lord!

This prayer lifestyle is able to deliver us from leaning on our own understandings and equip us to perceive things through His understandings. In order to execute His will for the time and season.. .

Jesus said “Let him who ears to hear, listen.”

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