Amazing Grace! By Faith

We all love the song. It’s world famous. It is a song to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, let’s we can look deep at the heart of it and see some lessons that pertain to rightly divided truth.

“Amazing grace! Through many toils and snares I have already come. Twas grace that brought me here thus far, and grace will lead me on.”

My friend. Grace is not a one size fits all blessing. It’s truth for those who consistently build faith as we walk with God. Truthfully grace is so amazing. However, it comes through a lengthy refining process.

Understand mercy and grace in the covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mercy is a favor covering while we are nurturing the seeds of faith in the word within. Ib the inner man of the heart we carefully and patiently endure some fiery trials so that seeds of faith will prosper and produce grace.

Grace is apprehended by unwavering faith. In fellowship with Holy Spirit we go from level to level. We walk with God through all the toils and snares set to prevent us from advancing. We face the challenges and through Him we overcome them. Saints walk by faith and not by sight to activate victorious grace

Lord, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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