Songbirds And Birdsongs

This is a unique life experience I want to share which opened up a wonderful well of learning to me. My hope is that others will enjoy and learn from it also.

Several years back , when I was still very young in the Lord, I was praying before getting up to start my day when I heard distinctly a song being sung in the spirit.

“Gonna find me a bluebird, and let him sing me a song”

I remembered this song from my younger years and I loved it. It was a country song that had become very popular. …..But what was going on? I had never experienced this before! I wondered “would the Lord really speak to me through a ‘Hillbilly’ song?” I thought on this awhile and then got up and forgot about it. But the thought would not leave me alone. So, finally I went to youtube and re-listened to the words to the song I had forgotten.

“Gonna Find Me A Bluebird”……

The song is very interesting. The writer is sharing a story of a man who has had his heart broken by a lover who has disappointed him. And he decides that he would seek another source of happiness, a bluebird to sing him happy again. The song had captured my attention, but what is the Lord saying to me through it? It is my nature to be very curious and I love to dig deeper into things that interest me. So, I felt compelled to pursue studying about bluebirds. Or songbirds. Then, through meditation and prayer over my studies, some revelation began to come and I was allowed a peek into the Lord’s heart.

I found the following article online about how birds communicate with others through song.

“Birdsong can be a natural phenomenon of intense beauty. But our enjoyment is incidental to the main purpose, which is one bird communicating with others. Birds became the world’s master musicians in order to convey to potential mates, rivals and predators all the important things they have to say, from “Clear off!” to “Come on!” The best time to hear bird song is at dawn. The dawn chorus is one of the marvels of nature. Birds all over the world show the greatest amount of singing activity around dawn, from English woodland to tropical rainforest. But why they do it is still not clearly understood”

How interesting! Here the birds are called “the world’s master musicians” They are beautiful gifts to us with songs we all enjoy which are constant. Faithfully, come what may, they wake each morning with singing. We have all experienced early morning times when all is peaceful and quiet and we can enjoy their beautiful songs as we watch the day break. How our Father must desire for us to be as faithful as the songbird! To rise and to begin singing our songs of love to him as we watch each new day break, just as the birds he created do! ..

Proverbs 8:17
I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. .

Isaiah 26:9
… My soul yearns for you in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for you.
When your judgments come upon the earth,
the people of the world learn righteousness..

How wonderful to realize that God loves our songs to him and that they can make hearts happy! Now, I am understanding that God is recruiting songbirds! What I am sensing the Lord saying through this is that he is seeking loyal singers who will sing the songs he gives them to sing, for his pleasure..

Pure love must be our response to this heavenly invitation. We can by our obedience to his ways be empowered to sing people happy! As we are equipped to sing God’s pure words these words and songs have the power to redeem lives. We do not want to dissapoint the heart of our Father who has called us to sing for him.

Truth is, the words we speak all day, every day, are our songs to the Lord. The words we speak are to communicate his heart to all we speak to. I’m learning that normal conversation, prayer, peaching and prophesying are our songs to the Lord, and about the Lord to others. Songs of praise to the flawless mighty God, songs of grace and hope to his children, give his heart pleasure. Our songs of love to the Lord and to others must communicate by prophecy the goodness and the majesty of the Lord and the beauty of his deep love for us and the hope of salvation. We are his beloved master musicians, his witness to men of his goodness and greatness. Through our music we give men a taste of the Lord”s goodness so that they are strengthened in faith by his love and truth.

Our songs will communicate prophecy of his favor for what is clean, and His heart against what is profane. Mature songbirds will sing a pure tune, while some young still have some sour notes, out of tune, needing songs of intercession sung over them by the mature. The weak and the immature must be supported with love as they grow up.

Throughout his word, the Lord teaches how he is grieved by children who walk contrary to truth, and fail to give him due honor. We want to give our all to singing beautiful songs that make our Father’s heart happy!! Our desperate need of his love and our yearnings in the night seasons should cause us to break out in songs of joyful praise before each new day begins. Happy is the man whose God is the Lord!

In this current season of time, the Lord is calling on us to come out of old traditions that spoil our songs and hinder growth in him. He is moving mightily by his spirit to bring many voices into harmony so that the world may hear and enjoy a beautiful eternal symphony for his glory!

Dear friend, I hope I have succeeded in opening up a few minds to lessons we can learn through listening and praying into all we are hearing. Great things for our good and for the good of many, maybe even through “Hillbilly” songs.

Psalm 42:8

Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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