Forgiveness, The Creative Gift

Treasures Of Secret Places

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” In Christ, all we hear in the world, the wisdom of man,  of literature, of story and of song always causes us to stop and think. We realize deep truths that set us on a new train of thought. The scriptures have convinced us that love is the greatest need of man. But we discover that love that is not grounded in God’s word is fickle and hearts are easily deceived and wounded. We’ve looked for love in all the wrong places, and we’ve come up short. I have some things to  say about that.

We know that the whole world loves love. Everywhere we go people are talking about it. We all need love. And it’s a well known truth that our close love relationships are one of the most precious and vital parts of our lives. And when…

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Up Above It All

Treasures Of Secret Places

“Up where the eagle flies the air is clear. He spreads his wings, rises on the winds and glides high above the valleys. His eye is keen as he surveys the way below. Gracefully he descends, snatches the prey, then rises up again. He is King of the air, high above the storms, majestic and fearless. His freedom is his strength and his heart is at home on the mountain.

I want to fly as the eagle flies, Lord. Carry me to the high places where the air is clear and pure. Teach me how to spread my wings and soar. How to catch the winds and fly above the storms. Flying low to rescue lovers from the enemy. Help me to rest myself on the holy mountain you have built for me. Carry me safely to the land of forever free.”

This is my story, this is my…

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