Great Meals Need Salt

The other day I was eating a tomato and I took a bite. I hadn’t salted it yet but after I did that I thought “It’s really amazing the difference in the taste of this after I added salt ‘  That got me to thinking deep.

So I tuned my attention to seeking into a truth for Jesus people. We’re called the salt of the earth; Salt and Light.

Paul said  “Have salt in yourselves.” So, what is spiritual salt? It’s a dash of redemptive good will applied to truth. Truth, in love. An enhancer of quality that we add by matured grace. We season things with grace. It makes things more tasty, and easier to digest. Pleasant to feast on.  Grace and Truth. The two go together. They add eternal value. 

Jesus told us that he wants us to feed his sheep. And a good Father wants his children fed with the finest of the wheat.

Psalms 103:5
Who satisfies thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

The Father watches over his children for their good. What we bring to the table is our offering to God for his flock and it’s for us to learn how to make it eternally effective. God’s word says that the ear tries words like the mouth tries meat. (Job 12:11) So, our words need to be tasty or they might be spit out. And they ought to be truth spoken in love for the purposes of redemption. We ought to speak with a meek dependence on hearing his heart accurately or God might spit us out. But take heart, God is merciful; if we’re careful to cultivate ears that love instruction and correction that will never happen.

Have you ever written blogs that just seem to fall flat? I have. I knew God had shown me some great things and I felt led to share. I wanted to serve up rich blessing but I couldn’t find the key.  Then after awhile God began enlightening me. I began to see some valuable lessons I could grow through.

Think on this.  The words we share are a lot like the meals we cook.  When a cook prepares a meal she/he goes to lots of trouble. It’s a job that requires dedication and careful planning. But there are times when we sit down to eat and we discover that we left out a vital seasoning. It’s missing something valuable. It doesn’t live up to our earnest expectations for it. We have to fight discouragement, but we resolve to dig in and learn how to do better. We take time to consider how we missed it.

As our posts. We have lots of truthful principles and information, but the seasoning salt is missing. It’s flat, no depth to it, no life in it. There’s no heart power because God hasn’t breathed on it. Still too much of ‘me’ in it, and it’s visible that ‘me” needs more of ‘He’.

We need to seek the deeper walk, we need deeper insight . We love God but we discover that love has a responsibility. We’re called to get better acquainted with the author of the scriptures. It takes our full attention to it. Ears need to be finetuned so we hear accurately.

Full gospel truth is salted, well seasoned food; it’s full of God love and wisdom to walk right. 

You know the old saying “Been there, done that”?  That describes the walk of the mature five fold ministers. The true shepherds had to live it out.  Through long suffering experience mature saints have been seasoned  with salt and grace.   Their heavenly position in his love has flavored their offerings. In the beautiful Song of Solomon the beloved was told to go to the shepherd’s tents to learn more about her lover. She was needing lessons taught through sacred places of communion. The lights of heaven. In holiness and submission salt and light is feeding us God breathed wisdom and guidance. We feast and we feed. Tasty, good and healthy meals that enrich the sheep; served up with love and easy to digest.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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