Choose Wisely


Psalm 1 makes it very clear that the righteous have to learn wisdom about the counsel they approve of and allow to influence them. It takes long seasons of patient trying but God will show himself strong to rescue us from what is harmful. When our one desire is to know him and walk out his will He will always be faithful to help us work through our issues. His desire is to bless and purify. To cause us to delight in right speech and right alliances.  Some decisions need to be made and they won’t always make us popular with all. There will be times we’ll be accused of wrongdoing because we’re not open to the opinions of men who profess to be christian friends but stand in agreement with darkness. Those who have shut their ears to wise counsel. God will grace us to leave them where they are and walk on. If we give them to God fully our hearts will not be troubled. The temptation to get into into argument and strife with others who don’t see things our way will present itself. But don’t take the bait of satan. Stand in your righteousness. Never desire any man’s harm but walk in your own path. Pray to God, it might be they will repent and find themselves a higher way. But leave all decision up to God, make no assumptions.


The Lord is ever present to heal our heart wounds, He is the God of all grace and comfort. Holy Spirit reveals through Jesus how to love well and wisely. As children of the day we’re entrusted with secrets. God will impart wisdom in our secret place prayer times. For our life walk. We’re inheritors of an unshakeable kingdom and partaker of his divine.  Yielded and pliable to do all that grace and truth reveals as it comes. Reigning in life with Christ. We’ll never regret making our decision for him. The beauty of the Lord will be our strong tower. Romance the Divine Lover.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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