Thankful With The Whole Heart

Psalms 138:1-3 TPT

I thank you, Lord,

And with all the passion of my heart,

I worship you in the presence of angels!

Heaven’s mighty ones will hear my voice

As I sing my loving praise to you!

I bow down before your divine presence

And bring you my deepest worship,

As I experience your tender love,

And your living truth.

For the promises of your Word

And the fame of your name

Have been magnified above all else!

At the very moment I called out to you,

You answered me!

You strengthened me deep within my soul,

And breathed fresh courage into me.


He comes to reign. He comes to feast with us on the living word of life.  Friend, there’s no better friend than the Father, the God of glory,  who sent his son, Jesus Christ, to take our place. He died for our sins so that we can apprehend newness of character and lifestyle. Through his love we can ask for and find the life that is truly life!

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