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Treasures Of Secret Places

I feel led to share a few thoughts on my heart for any who are open to hear. I think a truer understanding of real relationship building is a life changer. That’s my intent here. I know it’s true in the natural and also in the spirit and it applies to both our relationships with people and with our God. Relationships are one of the sweetest parts of life but they are so challenging. I know many do agree. In my case, I was married to one man for over 50 years and we never thought alike. It caused us many conflicts over the years and very often we were at war with one another. We usually approached our difficulties in a wrong way. As though  we had an intentional intent to hurt. We hurt a lot, and hurts were hard to recover from. However, through Christ, we finally did…

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Suffering Through

Are you a christian who has committed to a walk in the Spirit with Jesus? If you are, this might comfort you too..

I’m thinking and learning from the story of Job a lot lately. It’s really amazing how much there is there for our learning. He went through terrible trials of affliction and spiritual attack, and as he went through we can see different attitudes of heart and mind responses to what was happening to him. The end was that lessons were learned that suffering through things is the way of life for the sons and daughters of God who are transitioning out of an experience of knowing a lot about God and into an experience of an intimate and face to face encounter with God. God wants us to know him and become one with him. The Lord told me years ago that Job’s trials were “worse case”, I haven’t seen anything like his were, but seen some hard ones. But thinking this over now gives me some comfort. The comforts that Job received after he persevered through the whole process are a true story of the joy that is set before us. We’re somewhere in the process. God turned his captivity and restored double what he had lost. We have the promise that God will restore the fortunes of all who survive their wilderness times. He gives us grace. Our end can become as Job’s was. We can delight in God’s amazing restorations and flourish in wonderful ways in our intimacy with our Father God. There is no better friend to be found.

1 Peter 1:3   Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

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