Growing Pains And Seasons

Have you ever heard of the growing pains that children have when they’re shifting from innocence into adolescence? When I was younger that was a common thing we heard about.  I’m not sure if that old wives tale made it into the present day field of thought. If not,  here I am to revive it. Growing pains were said to be caused by the stretchings of bones and muscles as the frame was enlarged. Adolescence was painful but most of us made it safely through it into the life of the adult. We’ve all heard that growing up is hard to do.

Now,  I’m comparing that time of life with the growing spurts we experience in the life of faith building with Jesus. The journey takes us through valleys and up steep hills of transistioning experiences. It seems painful at times but it’s possible to make the most of the opportunity and grow into a new person. One we’ll really like better. The love of the Lord that carries us trough these times is so beautiful and amazing. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!

The process of faith stretching will cause growing pains. Faith muscles need lots of exercise; like a body builder we start small and then keep adding weight. The increase of the new challenge will be painful at first but it will soon stretch our faith muscles.  A new love and new life adventure is born.

Yield to His overwhelming love so that trust will keep us in the vine and we will prosper. It’s a process we all go through in order to grow up into deeper life graces.

He invites us to come as we are, trusting in His trustworthy love and in the perfect integrity of his heart. We’re being prepared for a whole new world so it’s a time to unlearn a lot of the things we’ve been conditioned to believe and relearn new God ways and thoughts. All traces of pride and self importance has to be purged out. Forgiving offenses is  necessary all the way through life. Including forgiving ourselves for  the mistakes we will make as we seek new growth. Forgiveness frees the heart to receive and with a clean heart we can release new love for others. Like never before.  forgive

Over and over I hear him say “Whatever is going on, trust me!” Press on through the pains of your growth spurts and delight in the New You that you will discover! Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith and he is more than able! 

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