Purposeful Submissions

I feel led to share a few thoughts on my heart for any who are open to hear. I think a truer understanding of real relationship building is a life changer. That’s my intent here. I know it’s true in the natural and also in the spirit and it applies to both our relationships with people and with our God. Relationships are one of the sweetest parts of life but they are so challenging. I know many do agree. In my case, I was married to one man for over 50 years and we never thought alike. It caused us many conflicts over the years and very often we were at war with one another. We had lots of hurt and hurts were hard to recover from. However, finally, after many, many years like that Christ was invited to come in and show us his better way. We finally did begin to learn some lessons about ways to know a good measure of peace. Through Jesus we gradually discovered a new relationship. The love and wisdom of Jesus began to help us to understand things we had misunderstood for 50 years. I finally learned that so much of our conflict was just misunderstandings.  We were often at odds because a man thinks like a man and a woman thinks like woman. We couldn’t communicate. That’s a natural thing but it becomes even more complicated when there’s no history of good godly wisdom. Fighting just becomes a way if life. For many years I was under the impression that sitting down to talk things over, to “rant” ans “vent” as some call it, was a good way to solutions. You know, I’ll tell you my gripes and you tell me yours and that should fix it. Ha! That is only for the very mature, I think. And we sure weren’t that.
But finally I learned that I could cast my burdens on the Lord and leave my prayer closet thinking different. Once when we were having a heated argument Jesus stopped me and said “If you release forgiveness I will release my spirit”  That was hard for me. I knew that I was definitely in the right and my husband was wrong, because he was talking against some of the truths of  Jesus!  But after resisting momentarily I decided to obey the Lord and I forgave and shit up.  Soon the whole atmosphere in the room changed! I was amazed, and I never forget this lesson.
We got to the point that it was easier and easier to get along. We began to realize that much of it was just a natural thing, that no two human beings think alike. We both worked hard to put aside old hurts of the past. We were beginning to learn to accept our differences and live together in a sweeter peace. Not perfect, but better.Thank you, Jesus!
This lesson on forgiveness and grace can  apply to other relationships also, children and families. We all make mistakes in human relationships and we have to live and learn. We ought to realize that if we don’t learn how to be sincere in our forgiveness we might never learn because it’s only when we forgive that we are forgiven.
I’m glad Father is always there and willing to make us wiser in getting along with others. It’s sure a daily necessity to be gracious as possible to all men.
The truth is that right relationships are only possible when the heart and life is ruled totally by heaven. In spiritual matters God is the Father who commands and is worthy of all honor. Our right relationship with him is the only way to his peace and joy in everyday life. It takes priority over everything. At times other relationships might be put on the shelf while he works with us to bring us nearer to his heart. We have to finally learn how to come to a right understanding of his purposes and promises over our lives. His first priority is to bring us into a daily experience of demonstrating the nature of Christ. In reality we are the apple of his eye, as long as we remain small in our own eyes and meek before his Lordship. There are conditions to be met, but in tender love he will prepare us.
Often he will tell us “Fear not, no harm will come to you!” .  However, this never means that we won’t suffer things we’re not really pleased with. There will be conflicts and afflictions we will have to learn to walk through and overcome. Some get disappointed with God early because they are feel that things will suddenly be rosy and we will live in a state of constant, untroubled bliss. That’s not realistic. If you will pay close attention and study the word of God carefully, you will learn that all saints go through difficulties. But we can also learn that with true God faith we can come to place of long suffering with joyfulness. We can even be exceedingly glad in the midst of our enemies.
The thing that will cause our relationship with the Lord to prosper is to be quick to learn submission. He will train us up and help us through our learning trials. It’s a lot like a soldier going to boot camp. We will have times of temptation but He will guard our hearts and minds and we will learn to stand strong in a blessed assurance of his love and perfect care. He knows how to take care of his own and his love is so sweet and strong. Our challenge is to never allow anything to interfere with his work in us. It’s our most holy faith in God as our Father and protector that the enemy can’t touch when we are submitted to God. Jesus ever lives to make intercessions for us so that our faith will not fail. Our victory is in keeping the faith, keeping a tender heart towards him in any circumstance, lack or abundance. Not in seeking and getting our own way or even getting our needs met. He is to be our only source as we walk through various times and seasons with him. He is to be our great reward, This is the way we walk on the narrow path.
Beloved savior and shepherd, may these words go forth and make a real difference with those they are sent to! I hope this edifies and builds up. I thank God for the wisdom of others that were sent to me to teach me more about the ways of the Father. But true wisdom teaches that only Jesus can go to the root of our issues and heal hearts fully. Bitter roots will be uprooted and new hearts created. I am a witness to it. Oh, how he loves you and me!



Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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