Trust In Every Season

Even in the Lord, no day is perfect and we don’t always respond to all that happens perfectly. But we need to realize that there are perfect things happening through him in every day. Every moment he is at work seeking our good. Growing up into our high calling as ministers of grace is not always easy. We miss the mark and we grieve. We might find that because of our lack of true God knowledge our trust has been misplaced and our hearts get broken. But restoration is available. We seek deeper and we find a better way and we recover. We soon discover that each new level brings an increase of his nearness. Trials are bitter but lessons learned can be sweet and lasting. Through trial and error we learn to set our expectations in the reality of him rather than in external things. We live and hopefully we learn. Every negative thing is an opportunity to trust and become spiritually wiser as he carries us through his times and seasons processes. We learn to hold fast to the sweet knowledge that He is always at work to perfect all that concerns the sincere devoted hearts of his righteous ones. Slowly but surely we will grow into a purified vessel made fit by the Master for the Master’s use. We humble ourselves under his mighty hand and he leads us along according to his will. Living in the light of his love is the joy of the high calling.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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