Developing Nations

Life vision. Word about life calling given in 2009 but recorded in June 2015

The Lord spoke a word to me recently that at the time didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but as I’ve thought more on it I’m seeing some new light. He said “Developing Nations”…he spoke it very clearly.

I wrestled with it for awhile in prayer, because although I know we’re called to the nations, so far my focus has been on building myself up in him. things concerning my family and all of my relationships. Although I do have some revelation about leaving legacies for our children, I haven’t yet thought of this as a “nations” move. But my mindset is too small, it needs a large stretching. Because when we grow up into thinking more like Father does we realize that when he sees a man, he sees the seeds in the man that will multiply. He sees the nations coming after the man.

I’m aware that the common understanding of the term nations applies to our American nation. But that’s not exactly how the Father thinks. He told a pregnant daughter, “Two nations are in your womb”.

The word also talks about nations, tribes and tongues, and according to the word the tribes of men become nations. Jacob’s sons were the beginning of the twelve tribes of Israel. So we see it begins as a personal, one on one work with God. He calls us to his beginning and we really have no idea at the time what all it involves. But we’ve set out to follow his love. He has ways to build up tribes through individuals.  A personal word he sent to me and my daughter was “I will take one of a tribe and two of family and bring you to Zion.”  Father has used us all along together yet in different ways to minister his will as we grow in him at our own pace and way.

It’s a spirit led life. God says that there are pillars in families who are assigned to do the will of God over their families, or tribes. Thinking on that, but I think Gideon was a good example of that.

It’s my thought that the shepherd leads flocks, and folds. There is only one Shepherd but there are many chiefs. Priests who minister in his name and those who serve them.  We do have to find our place in Him. I know our Father always sees the big picture but we just see pieces in seasons.  We’re not yet tuned into his higher frequency and we need to be changed. Because if we belong to him everything he is doing in us is a work for the far ahead future of others. We are individuals and tribes being developed to become nations. Heavenly works are in process.

I think it’s a work similar to what would happen when a man would purchase a piece of undeveloped ground with a plan in mind to build a great neighborhood or city on it. He begins to develop it. It’s a lengthy work of preparation. He takes bulldozers and heavy equipment in and begins to clear the land, uprooting unwanted trees and growth that would be in his way and digging up messy stones buried deep that would be an obstruction and make the way impassable. He would work very hard at leveling the land and making crooked places straight. Nothing would be able to destroy the dream he has to see the land as he has it drawn up on the blueprint of his mind. For he knows the plans he has for it….

And I see that kind of “tearing down, in order to build up” in my history with God. The work is in progress. I keep seeing that my heart is being cultivated to become someone I’ve never really imagined. And my family is involved. We’re being developed.

There is nothing I can do to make this happen. All I can do is yield to his will day by day as He brings me through wildernesses and processes of preparation.

We have a heavenly charge to become obedient fruit bearers as he leads us into more and more growth.  It’s a personal and a collective work that includes myself and many others. I trust that he is gradually bringing right order and times to all I do.

Actually, I’m sure that all of us who are his Beloved are in development. We learn how to set our hope in his heart and allow him to guide us through whatever we’re seeing and experiencing. What I do know for sure is that He who has begun the work will be faithful to finish it. Take heart as you hope for your own way on your journey. When all we can see before us looks like barren land, we can look up and listen deeper.

This has amazed me and I’m still learning and being changed as I think on it some more.   It’s a heavenly work of enduring and overcoming opposition in order to bring the kingdom of Christ into the earth we live in.

Isaiah 58:12
And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.

Personal word…The word of the Lord…The tribe and nation will be Christ centered.

Kingdom of Christ habitation

Ezekiel 48:21 It shall belong to the prince. It shall be the holy district and the sanctuary of the temple shall be in the center of it..

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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    1. Thanks for adding value to the word by your loving encouragement, Poppa. It’s good for me to sit occasionally and deepen my present day delights in all the wonder of his word.


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