Hearts Thrive On Hope

Hoping for fresh wind on hope

The times have been very intense and some are experencing a loss of fire. Because we get discouraged our hearts get sick from hope deferred and we need strong intercessions and encouragement. Everything in us wants to press in but we’re so weary! We lose focus.

I’ve heard the good news! We suffer through some trying times but God calls to our hearts. Jesus ever lives to make intercessions for us. In our afflictions we’re pushed to dig in deeper to seek the heart of God. We need him to add strnegth to us in our weariness.

Our  God  always proves faithful! Goodness and mercy will pursue us. Father will be faithful to send us a brother or sister who is living in a strength and peace able to lift up the weak one. A messenger to refresh our hopes in Christ and his word. Uplifting loving support. My friend, hold fast to your eternal hope! The tide is turning!

The hope of the mercies and the saving grace of Jesus is an anchor for our souls. The strong have become stronger in him because they know well how weak they are without the Holy Spirit’s constant comfort and counsel. The strong support the weak and the weary warrior with encouragement and intercessions in prayers from a loving heart. A word in season teaches, undergirds and uplifts.

Father, now I thank you for the overflow of love and blessings into the hearts and lives of all who come thirsty. May your bright light of truth shine into each heart in new and deeper ways than ever before, may chains of darkness be broken off and may all seek to know Jesus and His more abundant life more and more.


Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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