Road Trips


Do you think life over as you seek to grow up in Christ? I do, and I’ve thought lots about how our lives are like a car carrying us along down the roads of life. About how we’re all on a journey, being carried along by the winds of chance and circumstance. Some trips are pleasant and exciting and some are troubling. We might be traveling along on a smooth road and suddenly we hit a trouble spot. We hit some real rough places in the road, like deep potholes that might appear suddenly. On inspection we find that there’s some damage to the alignment of our vehicle. When this happens we find it necessary to allow experts to re-align our vehicle and restore it to tip-top running condition. Our planned trip is interrupted and we have to be still and wait. But soon their expertise has restored our vehicle and we’re on the road again. A smoother and safer trip to our destination.

I’ve always thought of these stops as a “fall back and regroup” time of life. Over the years I did a lot of falling back and regrouping. However, I just kept starting over then finding those bad roads again. It’s sad and it’s troubling, but sadder that some finally decide there’s no hope that things can ever change. I did at one time. I got bitter. I said “Life is a vicious circle” But now I’ve changed and I’m overjoyed. I’ve learned now to look to the Lord of Life and He has begun to show me better ways. And I do love to share.

I wonder if you’ve suffered such unsettling setbacks on your life journey? I have, for many years in my life before Jesus. And even on my spiritual journey I’ve seen a few heartbreaking setbacks, mostly because of immaturity and a lack of true godly wisdom.   But I’ve learned some valuable lessons. I’ve found that it doesn’t have to mean that all hope is lost. I’ve found that these trials don’t mean that God has deserted us. Yes, there are still fiery trials to get through, but if we learn how to count it all joy in him we are kept safe. Maybe we will need to pull over and wait for a time as repairs are made and things come into a better alignment. Our hearts and our hope can be made stronger, our faith protected. As we learn how to practice submission to his passionate love these will be used to strengthen our faith in him. Times for him to prove himself strong. In the midst of these times I’ve learned more about how to trust that he is my ever present help in any trouble, even if my dumb mistakes brought the trouble on.  To experience a trust in his Fatherly care and his love. It’s so wonderful that through our Father’s vast storehouse of redeeming wisdom and mercy we can survive and even to thrive in the rough places we encounter. In his graces repair and restoration is available for weary hearts and burdened minds. Jesus is the restorer of our souls, and the restoration of our lives is able to bring blessing to the lives of many others.

Now, lessons learned and applied are moving us up into a new time. Now, the word of the Lord I’m hearing is about preparing ahead for the next phase of His trip. It’s time to go deeper and prepare for great change and forward movement. We need to be prepared to set out to follow the trail blazed by Holy Spirit. As pioneers who are prepared for whatever might happen and who fear nothing. It will be a wild ride but it’s an eternal adventure. When we have given our King the drivers seat He does all the deciding and all of the guarding and we can rest and enjoy the ride.

Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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