Paths To Peace

We who love the Lord are promised peace that passes knowledge. And we read in his word that perfect peace is the promise for all those whose mind is stayed on God. In the Matthew 5 sermon on the mount we’re taught that peacemakers are among the blessed by the Lord.

I know that all through the word of God Jesus Christ is revealed as The Way The Truth and The Life. It teaches us that the sure way to the path of peace is found as we ask, seek and knock for wisdom and guidance in our search.

On my journey through life to where I stand now I’ve found that the amazing grace of God comes to us in measure as we devote our hearts and lives to discovering the way to making peace with God through his son. And the more passionate our search, the greater the measure of peace. Triumphant seekers are learning how to bow low in reverence. To hallow his name above all others and rise up into new heights of the knowledge of his glory all around us. I pray that your heart will be touched in some new way that will strengthen you as you search deeper. He loves us with and incomprehensible love and he wants us to come to him so that he can set us on his path to peace. He himself is our great reward. There’s a new freedom and peace to be found as we are pliable and open to his new day wonders. We will never regret giving all that is required to know him as Savior, Lord and best friend.


Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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