Showers Of Blessing

In prayer this morning I was thinking about songs. I love to learn about the songs of deliverance the Lord sings over us and I was listening. A song came to mind.  “There will be showers of blessing” The song is  full of beautiful truth about blessing showers. We all want blessing showers, don’t we?  I knew I did.  So, as I was tuning in to hear what God was saying.  One phrase caught my attention.  It said  “Mercy drops round us are falling, but for the showers we plead.”

I thought on that for quite some time. What are the mercy drops? And what are the showers? What is the difference and how do I learn and apply the truth to my life? And to the lives of others? Ask, seek, and knock..

Job 37:14

Stand still, And consider the wondrous works of God.

I have learned that under the new covenant there is mercy that’s so deep and so broad we can’t fully explain it. For many years I lived in the world without the Lord, under the law of sin and death.  And I’ve since realized that even in my lost position I was always receiving a lot of his mercies. However, after I came to Jesus my life took on a drastic change. I began to experience a new depth of mercy and favor, and the closer I came to him the deeper it got. But the showers? I wondered how to see the showers I needed but hadn’t seen yet.  Although I knew I was extremely blessed and lived very close to the Lord, I had seen that there are many promises in the covenant that I hadn’t seen manifested in my life.  Family members who have no real desire to know Jesus as Lord and Master.  I had been waiting through many unmet needs. But my peace was so amazing!

I knew there are many answers to our questions in the scriptures and I was learning to seek to find the words that brought peace to my heart. The scriptures help us to be wise while we’re building our houses of faith. I studied on the Malachi revealing of the intent of the Father to refine his lovers with fire and fuller’s soap washings. So that explained a lot I was going through.

I’ve come to an understanding. And I’m set to grow deeper into it. I know that all the way through his purifying processes we enjoy his mercy showers. But the showers increase as we begin to grow up and come out of the prayer lines and sit down with him.  When we partner with him in  cultivating personal faith. When we don’t seek our own welfare but lay down our lives at the cost of great sacrifice for the joy of obeying God.  So that we can pray true prayers of faith in intimacy with our Beloved Master. Not having to depend on the prayers of others to carry us, although we treasure our brethren.


Jesus lives in us to make us servants to his will. To reign. We can finally become so strong in our Jesus, like Paul was, that no one who is in sin can come near us without either riot or revival. The desire of the Lord is to introduce us to places of radiant glory. The anointing that breaks off yokes and lifts burdens.

His kingdom comes as we lay our kingdom down. The house becomes his and he brings it into his right order. He weeds out our heart garden, digging up old roots of man made woundings, thought and tradition. He replants and rebuilds. He calls us to go deeper and know, understand and obey with submissive delight.  God said that in the fulness of Christ we find the life that is truly life.  In Christ we’re at home wherever we may roam.  We find joy unspeakable and full of glory. We discover that we have a promise of good success in all we put our hands to.  In meekness and our weakness the word does it’s work. His nature is imparted into our being. Joints and ligaments come together and new life keeps happening. In the sweet bond of Holy Spirit with Spirit led companions we discover the unity that commands the blessing. He said blessings would chase us down and overtake us. My mind is made up. It’s eternal. I want to see the deluge of blessing showers!


Author: rita sue

The love of Jesus invites us to come and drink of new life.

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