Rapturous Love

Heart thoughts……..

Wide open vistas…Stretchings into higher vision. More of a God view

Views and Vistas ….

1. A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees.

2. An avenue or other passage affording such a view.

3. An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects; a broad mental view.

I’ve been talking a lot with Jesus about my views and mindsets in order to better understand some glory revealings. Glory revealings are things you hear from the spirit in the secret place of prayer. A word that comes to open up mindsets and to change hearts and lives.

Over time I’ve come to realize that a good sign of a maturing saint is a ever increasing and more and more drastic change in perspective. Saints are seriously set on walking out of the old and going forward into the new. We are becoming aware progressively of the importance of times and seasons because it’s what Jesus instructed us to do. He said if a man is wise he will seek to discern times and seasons of the spirit, just as men watch for signs of what’s coming in weather patterns. The winds blow in change in the natural world, and Holy Spirit winds blow in changes in the spirit from the heavenlies. We learn to recognize and flow with the wind of the Spirit.

Jesus taught us that the fields are ripe for harvest and he needs laborers to help him to seek and save souls.  All along our way we are in need of new vision and new perspectives that can open doors that have been locked previously. We plow through hard ground to break through. There’s a journey of rising up into new measures of the supply of the Spirit so we can unlock new levels of love and understanding. Places of accessing grace for upgrade and new opportunities. Our world changes. We see the world around us more like he sees.

As we begin to know in our knower we learn better how to watch and pray, and love and soundness of character grows abundantly.  May it always increase more and more so that when he comes on a watch, looking for faith, he will find in us a faith that pleases him. More and more I’m coming to an understanding that Jesus is passionate to execute the redemptive powers of his cross. I’m encouraged because scripture says that Jesus will not fail nor be discouraged until he has established his kingdom and made the law of his Father honorable.

The winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing and many are taking up their crosses daily as the self agenda tries to rule. We are practicing our dying to self and being resurrected into new life.  We are seated together with him and all of the saints in heavenly places. Jesus is Lord and He is building his church in the land and it will be spotless and without blemish. Mere men become meek before God, compelled by love and anointed with power of the Holy Spirit to break yokes of darkness off and lift heavy burdens from the weary shoulders of people who are captive to dark powers.

There will be showers of blessings poured out through the truths of the latter rain promises. I’m excited and I realize that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the greatness of it all. The comfort of his presence keeps us as we hold fast to the blood promises and seek to grow in godliness. Father God is writing his laws and instructions on the hearts and minds of his elect.   He dresses us up in our armor of light to lead the way for seekers.

“For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all.”

Hebrews 13: 20

Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, 21 Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

John 17:15

I pray not that thou would take them out of the world, but that thou would keep them from the evil.

Thank you for lifting us up on the wings of your love, Father…


Joy! Joy! Joy!

I take great delight in my wonderful times in prayer and I love to share the thoughts that come in these meditations. Lately I’m spending some time thinking about the joy of the Lord. I know that many of us are in times of seeking the will of God for right alignments and I feel that the wisdom of God pertaining to his joy is very enriching.

In his word we’re taught to redeem times and I’ve seen that our time is well spent when we take time to turn our attention to knowing him. It’s in the adventure of getting to know him that we discover who we are. We’re the needy, he’s the wisdom and power. “Teach me, Lord I want to deal wisely with my issues.“

We ought to realize that although some say that joy is not possible in troubling times the word of God does not support that. Jesus said our joy would be full when we live close to Him. Remember that we learn the teachings of scripture that the heart of the man is always the issue. So, I’m talking about the condition of our hearts. Our lives need to be aligned with the scriptures.

God said there is great gain to be found when we are passionate to discover how to live in godliness, with contentment. The question to be answered is “Are we really content and satisfied in our faith walk or do we need some adjustments?” I think we always need to rise up into a new day perception and Father God is very willing to assist us as we do that. Our times of self exam often result in him showing us that we’re doing better and we’re a lot stronger than we thought we were. We come out of prayer times more joyful and confident than ever. Oh my friend, what a savior he is! The struggle ceases when we give it all back to God. We can rest in his redeeming and restoring wonders.

A deep joy and gladness of heart is one of the core promises of salvation. Mention is made in several places of how Jesus was filled with joy. The point I want to make is that His only source of joy was the loving heart of his Father and his pleasure in doing his will. We can be certain that Father God is the father of all fatherly love. and my heart believes that even a worldly father delights in an obedient, happy child. How much more our heavenly Father?

The word calls the joy of the Lord our strength. I believe that means it’s joy just simply because of the Lord; because He is ever present here with us. Rather than joy for the way our circumstances are going. I believe it speaks of the joy of our salvation that nothing can disturb. It’s a calm delight that keeps us and enables us to see and to apply the eternal perspectives of God. A joy that’s present above all of earth’s mournings and strife. We ought to remember that we have great and precious promises about joy and peace. Think about the the word which says that the rivers and streams of God make the hearts of his people glad. We even learn from scripture that joy unspeakable and full of glory is a reality to apprehend. So those who live in his real joy can pour out a measure of gladness to others. Again, the word says that he has no greater pleasure than that his children walk in truth, and deep joy and gladness of heart is a reward for that walk. Scripture makes it clear that we will have persecutions and enemies to deal with; but remember that we’re promised exceeding gladness when we become skilled at that. Sure, storms come that make it necessary to lay low and trust when we would rather not see hard days. But because we remain alert to God we are prepared ahead. There truly are times to mourn but we can put on the oil of joy to recover from the mournings.

We have to know that He knows the way to the right way. Over time, with consistent practice, we learn to obey and endure. And then we laugh with our God at the triumphs, because it is true that He fills our mouth with laughter and our lips with shouts of joy. We become stronger in the faith and positioned where we belong. And we can continue to trust Holy Spirit to help us to yield and upgrade when the time comes. He alone is our strong deliverer. Paul said once “He has delivered, He is delivering, and He will continue to deliver!”

God will lead us though times of shifting and stretchings in which we will search deeper for redeeming truths. Through the good life in us by Christ Jesus we grow into wisdom and faith to speak life to dry or dead places in our experience. Remember that Jesus said “Be of good cheer, for I have already overcome the world.” The worries that belong to the world are not ours to be disturbed about. God is very good at watchinh over all that, it’s his world. We might go into our prayer closets weeping and asking his help with wickedness and troublings but if we pray in obedience we come out refreshed. We trade our sorrows for his joy and peace.

And all of the glory belongs to our Jesus! I hope and pray that the joy of your salvation is keeping you strong in him and in the power of his might! Thus far grace has been really amazing, and I know there’s so much more beyond.

I know we could go on and on about all the word teaches us about the pleasantness and peace of a laid down life in Christ. But maybe you can pray into more of that revelation personally.

Deuteronomy 3:24 Oh Lord, you have only just begun to show your greatness to your servant, your wonders by your mighty hand. .

Psalms 105:43 And he brought forth his people with gladness, his chosen ones with joy and singing.

Wisdom Is What I Need

Praying through. Seeking wisdom for a right balance

The fear of death. The sting of death. The realities of senseless death. Small coffins, decorated to celebrate the life delights of the children being buried. How terrible sad. I prayed “God, manage the way this makes me feel”

We can’t run from the pain of seeing the pictures of the realities families are suffering through. We’re people who need to know how to make our pain count for some good. We see the need for deeper heart wells. I heard God say “Care deeply” Jesus wept when he saw a mother weeping over a son’s coffin. He said “Weep not” Then he raised the child from the dead. We can’t all do that but we can care deeply and ask God what we can do.

Sad also to think of empty chairs at family gatherings, death was quick and unexpected. Self inflicted. The pain and trauma is intensified especially when death was from violence. A family left grieving and crying out to God for answers and healing. Friends gathering together with compassion to pray for them

I thought on “Oh death, where is thy sting?” I saw that we can’t quote that scripture lightly, we need to press in to God and see what he is saying over every situation. I feel that scripture fits believers who are assured of heaven after death. Jesus conquered death for kingdom people. Speaking from personal life experience in death valleys. I sorrowed and grieved from the loss of loved ones. But soon I did see proof that the sting of death had no power to turn me aside from my life purpose in God. My joy in the Lord was faithful. Grace really was abounding. We are not without the comforts of the Lord. As children of the King we have a great grace comfort covering when loved ones go home to be with the Lord.

Yet, we do walk through valleys where death must be dealt with. However, Psalm 23 says that we fear no evil there. The good shepherd is our comforter and guardian when we pass through the Valley of death.

We have a faith storehouse. To set ourselves aside, slow down and reach into his comforts . So that comforts can flow out to others in need. Times when death is a terrible sting; tragic loss and trauma times. It’s to learn how he instructs us, we seek his word in dealing with all that concerns us. I truly believe we grow more surely into the image of Jesus as we pass through these deep valleys and allow Father God to adjust and calibrate us.

Always I remember that God wants us to grow through what we go through. We build testimony in such times

For quite some time I’ve been learning in to seek the wisdom of God for a good understanding and right measure of balance. What is balance” It’s simply when the load we carry is evenly distributed.

Toure Roberts book “Balance”

“Balance will bring you to prosperous places where you are in sync with the mind of God right where you are and demonstrating the best version of yourself in any given moment. A version of you that, among many other things, replaces anxiety with peace, dysfunction with progress, and stagnation with unlimited creativity.”

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